Serving people from Vietnam since 1983 - Phục vụ người từ Việt Nam kể từ năm 1983


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Drop-in Centre:

CRV-East London opens 5 days a week, providing advice on welfare right benefits, housing, personal care issues, training, education and job seeking with assisting with claims, queries, form filling, letter writing, telephone enquiries, referring to other agencies. An average of 50-60 callers per week.
The following services have been suspended since OISC introduced legislation in 2000: Application for citizenship, passport, travel document, family reunion, and asylum. Instead, referrals will be made to Tower Hamlets Law Centre or Island Advice Centre.

Case work/Advocacy/Counselling:

With funding support from Tower Hamlets Local Authority the service has been available to all Vietnamese who lives in east London. The kind of support that the team might provide includes:

- Getting gas, electricity, water and other utility connections set up.
- Claiming relevant benefits, maximising income and managing finances.
- Seeking local services including medical, schools and transport.
- Enhancing employability, seeking education, training and job opportunities.
- Accessing local community and cultural groups and services.
- Accessing statutory services and other floating support and services.
- Working with your local housing to help you resolve any housing issues
- Advice, support and help accessing other specialist services.

Follow up visits:

As in Case work/Advocacy/Counselling


CRV-East London acts on behalf of clients with their enquiries to the local DWP, housing, health authorities, GPs, Hospital, Utilities. CRV-East London provides ad-hoc translation by phone; interpreting at user’s homes and other agencies only available to the elderly, special needs (adults and children).

Current situation/resources:

The current situation is very demanding, opening time available to 5 mornings a week but clients turn up throughout the day.
CLS Quality Mark has been continued to award in December 2016 for General Help and AIMS system is currently being implemented.